IMA 2022 General Meeting Project

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In 2022, we will honor the bicentennial of the death of the most famous French mineralogist René Just Haüy. The French Society for Mineralogy and Crystallography wishes to associate the International Mineralogical Association in this celebration by hosting the 23rd IMA General Meeting in France.

In 2022, the last two main Mars exploration programs, ExoMars and Mars2020, the two asteroid exploration missions, Hayabusa 2 (JAXA, Japan) and OSIRIS-REx (NASA, USA), will just have had enough time for science return and post-processing. Some scientific French partners of these space programs think it will be a ripe year for assessing the advances that mineralogy has made as a science in planetary exploration.

In 2022, in Lyon, we will host the 23rd International Mineralogical Association General Meeting with these two colours of space exploration and celebrations of two centuries of mineralogy.

  • Dr. Razvan CARACAS  Congress President
    CNRS, Lyon Geological Lab
  • Pr. Cathy QUANTIN NATAF  Congress vice-President
    Lyon Geological Lab, University Claude-Bernard Lyon 1
  • Dr. Hervé CARDON  Executive Director
    CNRS, Lyon Geological Lab


  • Dr. Violaine SAUTTER  Scientific co-Chair
    CNRS, National Museum of Natural History
  • Pr. Patrick CORDIER  Scientific co-Chair
    Lab. for Materials and Transformations, Univ. of Lille 1
  • Dr. Jean-Emmanuel MARTELAT  Field Trips Coordinator
    Lyon Geological Lab, University Claude-Bernard Lyon 1

  • Janice Bishop (SETI, USA)
  • John Carter (IAS, Paris, France)
  • Julie Castillo (Caltech, Pasadena, USA)
  • Isabelle Daniel (LGL, Villeurbanne, France)
  • Bertrand Devouard (CEREGE, Marseille, France)
  • Lindy Elkins-Tanton (ASU, Tempe, USA)
  • Bethany Ehlmann (Caltech, Pasadena, USA)
  • Guillaume Fiquet (IMPMC, Paris, France)
  • Robert Hazen (Carnegie, Washington, USA)
  • Kei Hirose (ELSI, Tokyo, Japan)
  • Guy Libourel (Lagrange, Nice, France)
  • Catherine McCammon (BGI, Bayreuth, Germany)
  • Lutz Nasdala (IMK, Vienna, Austria)
  • Fabrizio Nestola (UNIPD, Padova, Italy)
  • Gérard Panczer (IML, Villeurbanne, France)
  • Bruno Reynard (LGL, Lyon, France)
  • Kim Tait (ROM, Toronto, Canada)
  • Lidunka Vočadlo (UCL, London, England)
  • Mineral systematics
  • Physics and Chemistry of Minerals
  • Ores and Ore Mineralogy
  • Planetary Mineralogy
  • Planetary Interiors
  • The Dynamical World Of Minerals


Between the River Rhône and the Parc de la Tête d'Or, there is an events complex unique in Europe. A “city within a city”, bright, transparent and functional, whose buildings follow the curves of the Rhône.  La Cité internationale offers all the elements of a modern city in tune with its surroundings.

Lyon France Applicant City