Photos Rights

The photographs presented on the website are realised by Tristan Deschamps, Pascal Muradian, Jacques du Sordet, Laurent Berthier (Caméléon), Marie Perrin, Loïc Benoît (headers), Bruno Ansellem (ONL), Muriel Chaulet, F. Poirier, J. Reynaud, L. Peyron, Magalie Grevaud, C. Perradin, S. Berrut, P. Rouyer, C. Vavasseur, M. Dupuy, Edmund Hazlewood, Jacques Leone, Studios Basset, Jean-Luc Rigaux, Hélène Douchet, Georges Dancette et X for the Greater Lyon Tourism and Convention Bureau.

Photo use

Some of these photographs can be used for promoting Lyon, with the Greater Lyon Tourism and Convention Bureau agreement.
Thanks for ask them on an e-mail to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. precising which use you are intented to do with them.

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